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Jewels Collection

“Vogue Italia: For those wishing to dare with jewels with a decidedly contemporary design, there are the FQD creations “The FQD Jewels are designed with attention to detail, aesthetics, originality, functionality and style.

Flaminia Quattrocchi in 2018 has received a patent for industrial invention, she finds inspiration in the Minimal design. The Last Collections are inspired about the history, architecture, nature, geometry, they are a small sculpture that tell to us an interesting story.

Rainbow Collection

Each color bring a message from the Rainbow – 5 rings made in Italy realized in 925 Silver and original colored vinyl by the ’80/’90.

The Rainbow SMS Collection woulda like to bring color and brilliant light to the each special woman to wears it.

New Arrivals

Discover the latest news from the FQD jewelry catalog to keep up with the times and with fashion.







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